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May 14, 2019


This is such a fun candle, just a fabulous activity for the whole family. Not to be taken too seriously. Think of the options, this is your opportunity to get creative, safely. Gets a great glow when burning.

An original take on an old theme - roll the inside candle to colour co-ordinate with your wax. 



1kg EcoSoya Pillar Blend

small ice cubes

Colour  (liquid colour would be easiest for this project)

40-50ml candle fragrance


waxed wick / rolled beeswax candle

double saucepan

pouring jug


Put the 1kg Soy Pillar Blend Wax into a double saucepan, using 40-50ml candle fragrance to suit the colour and style you choose - see instructions


Collect your moulds - you could us a variety of shapes and sizes.



Prepare the wick

There are 2 ways to wick this candle:

  •    roll a beeswax sheet candle, you can colour co-ordinate this

With this one you can determine if you want the beeswax to 1) pop out the top or 2) use the mould as it is meant to be, threading the wick through the hole so it is made upside down like a normal pillar candle.

1)      2) 

  • OR   choose your wick and dip it into the melted wax prior to wicking up (if you don't do this the wick can get wet and not burn)



In the pouring jug, pour half the wax into the smaller jug and colour it with liquid colour- using a smaller jug for this step allows the main jug to remain 'white'. (Liquid colour allows for more exact colouring, with no melt time required.)

Now throw in the ice cubes, in no particular way and pour the wax over before they melt! Smaller cubes are better.


  pouring a soy candle




Once cold, remove the blue-tack and the candle will fall from the mould. The ice will melt quickly so be ready to do this over a tray or towel.





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