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About Us

When Lynne first started All Australian Candle Making Supplies and Kits 25 years ago, the industry looked quite different. 

With a Science degree and background in Physiotherapy, starting a craft business was an inspired change. With a keen interest in how things work and how they're made, she set off on a new challenge of building a business slowly and from scratch to address peoples needs of making their own candles for a hobby, fun, supplies and inspiration into the future.

In the late 90's it was hard to see past all the niggly changes that present when starting a business in a niche market- and this was before the internet! Lynne threw herself into new technologies, even asking, like so many others ‘who would look at my site?’. There was so much to learn as we moved from the print age to the digital.
Over the next 25 years, Lynne grew the business from a storage cupboard to a Warehouse and offices. 

One of the most rewarding aspects of this business is watching our customers come for fun, and continue on as small business owners & successful Chandlers.

The winds of change are smooth and steady though, and with 2020 came an exciting change! 
Doug and Lynne pass the torch of achievement over to our new owners Anthony + Cathy. 

Anthony + Cathy come with a friendly smile and years of experience in business. Though Covid has presented many challenges, they have met each pick-up customer with generosity and warmth, & are gradually absorbing the candle making experience. It's like having Doug and Lynne's twin pair here, you won't even notice the change-over.

We tried many times to capture them on film but they're spritely and have managed to avoid the camera. Next time you are here or on the phone, make sure to say 'hi'.

“1999 was a real tree-change, actually uprooting the family and moving to Arcadia, where the business AND the children had room to grow. The business was very small, it was hard to see past the CRAP when you’re deep in it.
I had to throw myself into new technologies, I even asked Doug ‘who would look at my site?’ when we launched our first one back in 1996; there was so much to learn as we moved from the print age to the digital."


about us Today the business is a leader in the candle making industry, supplying to hobbyists through to manufacturers; teaching the basics in our classroom and educating others on-line.
about us "We constantly source, test, design, create – imagination is our friend. Who’d have thought a business needed that? Our customers appreciate the great level of support; our customer service is second to none.
As the market moves towards 'greener' future we have introduced many green options. It is also important to us to include as much Australian product as possible in the range.”


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