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KIDS Soap and Candle Making Kits

Welcome to our Kits for Kids section! We've crafted kits to enjoy together during holidays or afternoons at home. They can be made in one go or in smaller, satisfying chunks. We hope you enjoy them.

Want more Options?
You may like to peruse the soap bases and then choose Lavenderor CalmEssential oils, a soap colour and mould of your choice. Jazz it up by adding some clay! All you will need at home is a microwave safe jug to slowly melt the soap in, or use a double boil method.

Teenagers in the house? 
Teens may like to choose any of the Kits in our Soap or Candle Kits section and broaden their imagination to include colours or moulded candles! We recommend supervising activities for Children and Teens. They may enjoy the effects created by our Feather or Icicles Waxes.

Instructions, Videos and Projects
Loads of Soap and Candle projects, videos and instructions can be found in our Learning Section.


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