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Over the years, AACM has supported many magazines, TV series and movies. We have included some of these here. 

MediaThank you Studio 10 for an amazing episode in March 2018!
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NewsLocal   Local Sydney newspapers - March 2016

newspaper local


Real Living Magazine 2015

red living"The Wax Factor - Light up winter with flickering candles - you can DIY with these beautiful ideas.


RAKE - ABC Australia TV 2010

rake candleAACM: Over-sized wicks were used in these candles so the camera could take a better image.

Hi Lynne, Please find attached photo of your candles on our set. "Thank you so much, we were  thrilled with the result. They looked fantastic!" Thanks again, Anna


Bran Nue Day

bran nueAACM: The crew wanted candles to light Rosie's key scenes in this wonderful Australian production. So they came to us for specially designed candles with bright flames as this was to be the only lighting.


Dear Lynne, thank you for the candles specially made by you for the film BRAN NUE DAE. The candles were for two pivotal scenes in the film and were fantastic. As well as having a wonderful long flame they were beautifully made. Both the Designer of the film and the Director of Photography commented on them and they worked extremely well.  Once again, thank you for such a great job on the candles. - Peter Malatesta, BRAN NUE DAE, Broome WA  


Tomorrow When the War Began

tomorrowYou will see out candles in this movie, based on the John Marsden novel.

Better Homes and Gardens 2011


indian candleAACM: We were asked to create a bright set of candles to sit alongside BHG's vibrant Indian project.


Womens Weekly 2006

womens weekly tree

AACM: We helped with this project for the special Christmas edition.


Better Homes and Garden 2003

soap operaAACM: Our citrus slices were featured on TV and in the magazine in August 2003, along with many other mouldings of melt and pour soap. They were all projects created and supplied by us for the shoot.

I attended the entire day it took to film a 3 minute segment. Their professionalism was outstanding, used my prepared pieces to show the entire process, then filmed the finished pieces for both the magazine and the TV segment.


Sydney Weekender

sydney weekenderAACM: Leah visited our workshop with camera crew for a feature on this popular weekend program. The shoot was in our old workshop, where I taught Leah how to make a candle.


Notebook Magazine

notebookSoy wax candles were prepared for this article, along with our specially yummy carved citrus soaps.


Candle Making AU 2018