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Soap Bases

No mess, no worries. Our soap bases are manufactured for the hobbyist or retailer, easily transformed into beautifully fragrant, moulded soaps. The soap range is vegetable bases, available in both 'melt and pour' glycerin blocks and also 'Castille' style soap.

Helpful information:

All glycerin soap bases will have some element of "sweat" if allowed to live in the open air. This is due to the glycerin molecules grabbing water from the air and replenishing the water content that evaporates during your melting process. Our soap bases are a quality LOW-SWEAT formulation. Once the soap is set enough that you can safely move it, we recommend storing your soap in the fridge or in another airtight container/ shrink wrap / air lock bag.  

As with all products, we recommend trying in small batches before moving to large batches.


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