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Candle Wax for Pillar Candles & Melts

Pillar waxes are stronger, and have higher melt temperatures. When moulded, they will contract and release from their moulding easily. With correctly matched wicks, a melt pool will form, but not overflow or drip.

Soy Wax: Natural wax, made in the USA from American soy beans (creating a smaller carbon footprint). An amazing hard Soy wax, with minimal frosting.
Palm Waxes: Paperwhite finish, options of plain white (Aura) or crystalizing finishes (Icicles and Feather). Leave white or colour! Leave un-melted for Sand Candles!
Paraffin Waxes: A classic wax, with amazing results when strong colour is required (think jet black). Can easily be blended with soy or palm waxes for a more natural mix.
Beeswax: The most luxurious of all waxes... 

Melts: our Melt/Tart 494 wax is perfect. An all natural Soy wax, hard enough to mould for melts, but soft enough for even electric burners/melters.


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