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Golden Brands Tart Melt Wax 494 - Candle Wax


Golden Brands Tart / Melt Wax 494 -
Melt Making Perfection! 

This wax is perfect for:

 - Melts that need to be unmoulded and packaged

 - Clamshell melts

 - Melts for use in lower heat melters, such as electric plug-in melters (rather than tea-light burners/melters)

Golden Brands Tart Melt Wax offers:
 - excellent scent throw
 - exhibits pastel to vibrant colours
 - releases easily from moulds

This wax uses a 100% soy and botanical oil formula that creates a smooth appearance


1. Heat to 85 degrees C

2. Add fragrance - 5-8% (50-80mls per 1 kilo of wax). Golden Brands states this wax can hold up to 12% fragrance, but as there is no direct flame burning away the fragrance (like in a candle), we find less is actually more when making melts. You do you though :-) 

3. Allow to cool to 75-80 degrees 

4. Pour into moulds or clamshells.

 Please note: Personal testing must be completed to achieve optimal results.

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