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All Fragrances

Our fragrances are made in Australia, supporting local industry. They are all phthalate free and are aligned with IFRA standards*. All fragrances are tested for wax compatibility and scent throw. They are suitable for paraffin and natural (Soy, Palm etc) waxes- fragrances suitable for body-use are stated as such with specific percentages noted for the various applications. 

Mix and match any 10 x 55ml size, and receive one extra of your choice!! Please let us know your choice on the 'delivery comments' page as you check out.

A message from our major fragrance manufacturer:

“All of our fragrances are composed of approved natural, naturally-derived, and specialty aroma ingredients. All of our fragrance materials have been studied by RIFM (Research Institute for Fragrance Materials) for safety, and IFRA (International Fragrance Association) and approved with a code of practice for use of the materials. This ensures that all the fragrances we sell are safe for consumers” 

*We recommend that you conduct your own testing with the intended wax and fragrance for optimal results.

Understanding Fragrances

Olfactory Pyramids are used to describe a fragrance. The whole fragrance is explained through it’s TOP notes, HEART notes and BASE notes.

TOP NOTES: You’ll notice them as an energetic first impression! Top notes are the first to fade and pave the way for heart notes to sing. They’re generally citrus or oxygen scents- think lemon, orange, bergamot, pepper or mint.

HEART NOTES: Provide the personality of the fragrance. Think fruity, floral, or spice.

BASE NOTES: Linger the longest. The base notes provide the full body of the scent and are generally drawn from woods such as cedarwood, or nature; amber, musk and exotic scents; vetiver, vanilla and patchouli.


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