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May 09, 2019

Clever soy candles ready for a party!

What a beautiful candle! Think of the options, this is your opportunity to get creative, safely.


You can come up with lots of ideas using the basic principles, here are some alternate projects:

hand-made soy coffee candles   soy candle



Put the 1kg Soy Pillar Blend Wax into a double saucepan, using 40-50ml candle fragrance to suit the colour and style you choose - see instructions


Collect your moulds - we used a muffin tray.

The wick used is #20.



Colour half the wax with your choice of liquid or block colour - using a smaller jug for this step allows the main jug to remain 'white'. Liquid colour allows for more exact colouring, with no melt time required.

  pouring a soy candle


Pour the coloured wax into the muffin tray.

Once the wax begins setting on the bottom, place the wick and tab assembly into the candle.

As the wax hardens, rough up the surface - this will help the next layer grab on.

handmade soy candle


Allow the left-over 'white' soy wax to cool until it's like batter. Load some onto the muffins directly. 


Now fill the piping bag with the rest of the wax, rotate the bag for extra pressure then pipe for an awesome finish.

Alternate: if you don't want to use a piping bag, you can simply spoon on the cream layer.



Once it's cool it's time to tidy the candle and enjoy!


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