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EcoSoya Pillar Blend Soy Wax PB


Easily coloured with candle dye, but lovely just as it is.

This Natural soy wax is blended especially for making pillar or moulded candles. It is pure 100% soyabean and botanical oils.

It can be poured into any of our candle moulds.

These wax beads are ready for melting, no additives needed; however you may choose to colour and fragrance it.

Uses: Pillar and Moulded Candles including Votives, Tarts, Melts, and Novelty (as well as Container Candles and other applications)


Form: white beads
Soy wax is grown in great volume in the USA and Brazil.

Our manufacturers in the USA have offered the following statement:

"We create plant-based waxes for the wax industry."

Melt temperature 53.9°C° Celsius. (130F).

Suggested 'melt to'  temperature87.8°C

Suggested pour temperature 68.3°C - 79.4°C

Fragrance Load  About 12% Max




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