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April 28, 2020

Prepare your work area close to the stove. Lay down newspaper in case any wax is spilled, then arrange votive glasses on top.

Melt wax in the top of a double saucepan in simmering water to a temperature of 85-90C.

Add candle fragrance 50-80ml; stir.

If using pure soy wax 5% Container Maker can be added for greater adhesion and surface sheen.

Reduce wax to 70-75 degrees Celsius.

Use ladle or pouring jug to carefully pour wax into the glasses. Place wicks in each glass, positioning with the skewer. Hold wicks in place by securing at the top with a peg.

Leave to set overnight. The next day, if the wax has dipped in the centre of the candles, melt more wax and top up. Once set, use scissors to trim wicks to 0.5cm in length.

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