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April 10, 2020

If you have been collecting glasses then this would be the list you need. Saving on your glassware is a big bonus.

Measuring your glassware:

To find the right wick, measure across the top for the diameter, that is the measurement needed for the wicks size.
To measure the amount of wax required, you can also measure the volume of the water the glass holds - this will give you an approximation of the wax you need in kilos.

What you need: 

  1. Soy wax - for a perfect pour everytime. to work out how much wax you need simply pour water into your glass, then pour the water into a measuring glass. For example then, if you have 250ml of water, you will (as a best estimate) need 250gm of wax etc
  2. Container Maker - use at 40ml for each 1kg wax. Recommended for use with GW464 Soy Wax or if you need your container soy wax to be softer and reduce contraction away from the glass.
  3. Candle Fragrance - use 50-80ml for each 1kg wax.
  4. Wicks - view our wick guide for selecting the right size. The Melt pool that we refer to is the inside diameter of your glass or ceramic container. Simply match the inside diameter measurement of your glass with our suggested Wick number. These recommendations are based on our experience- you should always make just a couple and see if you like the way they burn before making large numbers of candles.
  5. Melting Pot - a must have for an easy pour.
  6. Thermometer - to understand when to keep melting and when to pour.
It's also worth watching our video so you understand the instructions and items when they arrive.

Are you a Tea Light person? Short on time? We have organised what you need into a Soy Candles for Tea Cups kit already!
- This kit will also be appropriate if the inside diameter of your glass is 7cm wide.


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