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January 19, 2021

Hi there! 

I can see you love the new hot trend- Pillar Candles.

Below you'll find a digital copy of our Pillar Candle Instruction sheet. You may also enjoy browsing our Video and Info Section for many more fact sheets and projects, images and inspo for making the perfect pillar candles

A few hints:

- Always "wick down" so if your candle mould is 7cm in diameter, choose a wickl that gives a 6-6.5cm melt pool. 

- You can use less fragrance than candles in glass. This is due to the larger surface area of the candle. It also means theres less oil content and more strength to your candle. 

We hope you enjoy the creativity that making pillar candles gives. Tag us in your pics on Facebook and instagram! 



Wick for Soy / Paraffin / Palm

Wick for Beeswax 




Candle Making AU 2018