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Square Cotton Wick for Beeswax

Lead-free, cotton wick.

Manufactured with wick strands running through an outer stocking - allows the more viscous beeswax to 'wick' better.

These wicks provide a lovely stable burn for your very special, beeswax candles. 

Based on our tests in beeswax:*

xx-small square 15mm melt pool
x-small square 30mm melt pool
small square 40mm melt pool
medium square 60mm melt pool
medium-large square 70mm melt pool
large square 80mm melt pool

*Please test all your candles prior to selling or making large runs.

If making a container candle: You can make your own "wick and tab assembly" by threading these Square Cotton Wicks through a wick tab (also below) and pinching it closed (jewellery pliers work well). Secure tab to the base of the container with a Wick Sticker, and then secure at the top of your container with a wick bar and pour.

nb. If your beeswax candle struggles to stay alight, the flame gets smaller and eventually snuffs itself out, then your beeswax needs to be filtered through a finer cloth. This removes any sediment that is clogging the wick and stifling the flame.


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