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Cotton Wick for Pillar Candles

100% Cotton Wick.

These recommendations are made with respect to Soy Pillar Blend and Aura Palm; use 1 size larger for Feather and Icicles Palm:

4 ply: Twisted cotton for fine tapers up to 15mm.
6 ply Twisted cotton for fine tapers, - melt pool 2.5-3cm
15 ply Plaited  Cotton good for tapers and small candles - melt pool 4cm diameter.
21 ply Plaited Cotton - melt pool 6cm diameter.
30 ply Plaited Cotton - melt pool 7cm diameter.
39 ply Plaited Cotton - melt pool 8cm diameter.
48 ply Plaited Cotton - melt pool 9cm diameter.
72 ply Plaited  Cotton good for candles over 9cm diameter.

Outdoor candles, large enough to resist breezes. We have a large outdoor wick for this application.

Due to many variations we suggest these as a guide only. Please test all your candles prior to selling or making large runs.


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