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Pillar Soy Wax - Candle Wax


Exclusively available to CandleMaking, our Pillar Soy Wax

is made with 100% soybean oil and uses soy based additives to enhance performance. This wax is great for making pillars, votives, wax melts, and tarts.

Our Soy Pillar Wax is manufactured in pastille form for easy scooping and measuring. It exhibits very good scent throw, vibrant colours, and excellent mould release.

Our Soy Pillar Wax is a great natural wax for creating smooth and creamy structural candles and melts that resist frosting. Looking for a lovely off white wax? You've found it!

Note: Wax is packaged in pastille form.

Fragrance loading: 6-10%. We recommend starting as low as 5% as this wax performs really well for both cold and hot scent throw

Pour temperatures: 80C - 75C will give the best finish. You will need to do a "top up" pour once mostly set to fill in where the candle has contracted. If you pour lower, this will happen less, but the exterior or your candle will not have a perfect finish, and may be harder to unmould. The second pour can be a lower temperature (just wait for it to melt enough to pour).

Colour: Accepts candle colour well with minimal frosting (slight dusting appearance after some time can appear).

For further instructions and help sheets, browse our Learning section!


Produced from US Grown Soybeans, leading to a lower carbon footprint.

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