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Paraffin Slabs 60J


It is suitable for candle making, surf board wax, hives dipping, crayons, and preservation of metals and timber.

For candles, we recommend mixing 10% wax improver and 1% finishing beads.

Dip and Carve:
When mixed with paraffin can be used for dipping and carving candle making.
Start with a ratio of ( Micro) 1:3 (60J)
*This value may vary depending on the temperature and flexibly you require.*

  • melt point: 60 Celsius
  • Supplied in Slab form 
  • Food Grade
  • Max Fragrance load 10% +

Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

Click link for MSDS for Paraffin 60J

Click link for COA for Paraffin 60J




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