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Beeswax Foundation Sheets - Soft Pink


20 x 40cm.

When you need a candle the perfect size, or you need a candle NOW, our beeswax foundation sheets are perfect.

Beeswax is naturally spectacular for candle making. It is a natural renewable product, with a high melt temperature. What a bonus that it smells so good too....the pattern on the sheets is an exact copy of that made in nature by the bees in their hives.

The beeswax is collected from the 'cappings' when it is time to spin the honey from the honey comb. In time, after many re-uses, the emptied honey comb is also melted down and sold as candle wax. The honey comb is re-built by the bees on a pre-formed beeswax 'foundation' sheet stamped with the well known honey comb pattern.




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