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Gel Candle Wax


Gel Candle Making Wax

Clear, medium density gel wax. Best known for being completely clear, used for all sorts of candles - under-water aquarium scenes, lemonade, cocktails etc. With just a little bit of colour added, these candles remain transparent and take on the nature of the glass and embeds you choose.

Completely clear, melt to 1400C - gel wax cannot be melted over water. Double saucepan set-up does not product enough heat, so great care must be taken when melting directly on the heat. Use as low a heat as possible and DO NOT leave unattended. Turn it off if you leave the area.
Try one to two wicks sizes up on soy wax candles.


Fragrance load: 50ml - 80mls (Maximum)

Heat wax to 140 degrees 

Pour wax at 140 degrees

NB any embed MUST be flame resistant - glass, stones, gems, shells. Test fragrance, embed combinations prior to making large batches.

Please watch the tutorial we have prepared here.

Some fragrances may affect the clarity of the wax, please use with care and test in a small sample. This list is a guide to our candle fragrances:

VERY GOOD                                            GOOD

Bamboo Musk                                        Chamomile & Grapefruit

Bush Walk                                              Coconut & Lime

Clementine Mimosa Sangria                 Japanese Honeysuckle

Coral Reef                                             Nectarine & Mint

Deep in the Woods

Driftwood & Salt

Fig & Melon

Pomegranate & Sage

Summertime Lime & Cocount

Sugar Plum Fairies


Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

Click link MSDS for Gel Wax

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