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Container Maker


Container Maker additive for better soy wax candles.

Use our smart soy based formulation to make any natural wax into a container wax.


Best results are with GW464 - use up to 50ml per kg.

C3 and many other container blend soy waxes respond to this recipe well  - pour at 65-70C.


Our tests show great results at 4-5%

ie.for each 1kg wax, add 40-50ml of natural vegetable 'container maker'


 By adding the natural soy 'container maker' you will:

  • increase the glass adherance
  • reduce the melt temperture
  • reduce surface cracking
  • reduces contraction during cooling
  • see a shiny smooth candle surface
  • reduces frosting
Beeswax tolerates lots more container maker than soy, you can go much higher. It tends to pull away even at high levels, but you will need to test until you get it how you want it to look.
The cracking is the natural way that it contracts, the addition of the CM will reduce this, but if it persists, then poke holes in the top and do a second pour.
We have tested up to 1:1 CM to BW.




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