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Bubble Cube silicon candle mould - LONG

Fun and funky, this bubble is sure to delight.

In our image, we have used Aura Palm Wax. 

Aura Wax holds colour extremely well, from pastel to bright! Aura Wax also has an excellent cold and hot fragrance "throw".

We have made this with 3x 15 ply cotton wick for pillar candles.

Candle weight 1.3kg

Finished candle size: 8.5cm deep x 8cm high, 24.5cm long

This mould is an easy to use and handle, soft silicon. It comes with a supportive PVC case for use during pouring. 

Wicking needles: https://candlemaking.com.au/collections/candle-making-equipment/products/long-needles-for-wicking-candle-moulds 






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