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Bubble Cube silicon candle mould

Great in pure beeswax

Fun and funky, this little cutie is sure to delight.

In our image, we have used Icicles Palm Wax and a touch of Liquid brown candle colour. If you would like a creamy white, non patterned wax we recommend our Aura Wax. Aura will also look wonderful in strong or pastel colours.

Use SMALL SQUARE wick as this diameter for beeswax or 15ply cotton wick in Soy or Palm wax. 

Candle weight 150gm.

Size 6cm x 6cm

*Please note: This silicon mould is constructed to be a more economical, light-weight design and as such may not show the same durability as our heavier silicon moulds. 

Wicking needles: https://candlemaking.com.au/collections/candle-making-equipment/products/long-needles-for-wicking-candle-moulds