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Beeswax Rolled Candle Making Kit - Natural

Pure beeswax foundation sheets.

The easiest, most natural candle making kit in the world - straight from the hives of NSW.

Child's play! These candles can be made exactly the size you want, in the pattern or shape you want. And they smell like honey....

The kit includes natural sheets, with its own distinctive colour. The wick simply gets rolled inside the beeswax, as it becomes the centre of the candle. For a thicker candle, simply roll another length.

The beeswax is collected from hives around the Sydney area, and made into sheets sized to fit back into beehives (thus the name foundation).

The kit includes 12 pieces of natural beeswax, cut to 20 x 14cm, and wick.

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There are instructions included and you may also like to see our ONLINE VIDEO

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