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Beeswax Candle Making Kit - Christmas colours

Child's play! The kit contains sheets of beeswax that can be rolled to form candles. See the Video..

These candles can be made exactly the size you want, in the pattern or shape you want. And they smell like honey....

The kit includes three colours so that candles can be made of mixtures or plain.

The wick simply gets rolled inside the beeswax, as it becomes the centre of the candle. For a thicker candle, simply roll another length.

The beeswax is collected from hives and made into sheets sized to fit back into beehives (thus the name foundation). Lucky for candle makers it is now coloured so we have natural and other options.

The kit includes wick and 12 pieces of beeswax each 20 x 14cm: natural (4), red (4) and green (4), with enough wick to make about 12 candles.

Instructions will indicate how to roll these candles and cut them for greater yield and different shapes.





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