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July 24, 2018


 Recently we have received a lot of enquiries regarding insurance when making candles. We love supporting our customers so have written a quick blog post addressing some common questions.

 Are you selling candles or simply making candles as a home-use hobby?

 If you are selling candles, we recommend firstly to call your insurance company and have a chat with them around the cover you need.

 Do I need it?

Our customers make candles for a variety of reasons- mainly to have fun, create gifts or sell. Generally speaking, if there is any money being exchanged for your candles, it is best to be insured. Please contact your insurer for advice.

 What kind?

Give your insurer a call, or shop around. You can ask as many questions as you like and the insurance companies will let you know what products are available, to cover the amount of candle making activity you do.

You should also ask about your current home insurance, and how candle making for commercial purposes can be included into your policy.

 You might like to note: The policy needs to be of good time coverage – you should not take out a policy to cover you over the weekend at the markets and then cancel it the following week to be considered covered. This will be something that the insurance companies can explain to you further.

 For all questions and inquiries surrounding insurance, please start by contacting your home or business insurer.



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