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April 10, 2018

Candle making by roll a bee wax sheet Xmas themed bees wax candle from Lynne Collins on Vimeo.

Beeswax would be one of our favourite waxes, with its naturally sweet scent and colour. Straight form the country-side, away from pesticides and industry, this would be the most "green" and low carbon footprint as well as pure form of candle wax.


Moulded Beeswax Candles

It is melted the same as all the other waxes, see the information about using a double saucepan. For a first attempt, using a pyramid shape or a silicon mould is easiest. The beeswax can be removed easily from these moulds.


  1. Prepare the mould – feed the plaited cotton wick through the hole at the top of the mould, then push the skewer through the wick at the other end. As the bamboo lies across the base of the mould, tighten and secure the wick at the top with a blob of re-useable adhesive (‘Blue-Tack’ or other). Trim the wick to about 2cm.
  2. Sit the mould in the box and level it
  3. Fill the ladle/tea pot with wax and pour into the mould
  4. As the top forms over, break it with a skewer, and refill as the level drops. Bees wax contracts as it cools, so break the surface and refill regularly through the day as required.
  5. Generally the candle will need to be left overnight to cool sufficiently, then have a final refill; trim off the skewer and flatten the base on a warm surface.


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