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April 10, 2018


Wax for Container Candles

Container wax is slightly softer with a low melt temperature, so it needs to be poured into glass, ceramic, tin etc. It melts easily with a realively small flame/thin wick.


Wax for Pillar Candles & Melts

In this section we stock all the waxes that can be used when you need a solid, stand alone, high melt temperature candle. Melts are also best using these so that they will pop out of moulds and can be handled easily.

soy wax

Soy Wax

Pure soy wax, a bi-product of the soy oil/milk/tofu industry. Most popular currently is its use in containers - glass, ceramic, tins - however a pillar version is also available for stand alone, pillar candles.



Direct from hives, simply filtered and cleaned. Makes lovely pillars; for container candles best to be mixed with soy or container maker to reduce the melt temperature.

palm wax

Palm Wax

Sourced from RSPO certified manufacturers. Palm makes great pillar candles with wonderful patterns appearing as the candle cools. There is also a plain one that can be used for church and celebrations.


Paraffin Wax

Paraffin makes the most wonderful candles, best mixed with the additives for long burning pillar candles.

micro wax

MicroCrystalline Wax

This wax has a high melt temperature and is often used in dip and carve candles ixed with paraffin.


Gel Wax

Always used in conatiners, cannot stand alone. The gel was is sold crystal clear, like lemonade, but colour can be added to it.


SOY WAX is made from pure soybeans, from wide fields of soya bean crops. Soy wax is totally natural, being refined to different recipes for both container candles and pillar candles for a great finish and smooth surface. Soy wax is delivered in pastille or flake form, in a soft milky white.


Golden Wax GW464

This pure soy wax can tend to frost, spot and pull away from the container walls. HOWEVER we have developed Container Maker to combat these issues.

With the addition of 40ml Container Maker to every kg, GW464 becomes a very reliable candle wax. It will tolerate 60-80ml candle fragrance with good scent throw. Pour between 70-75C, adding 40ml container maker for smooth surface, minimal frosting and great glass adhesion.


NatureWax C3

C3 is another great alternative for serious candle makers. It forms a smooth, shiny surface and adheres to walls well wehn poured between 60-70C. Glass adhesion can be improved by adding 20-40ml Container Maker to every kg.

If you have used the EcoSoya range in the past (now discontinued) this  a great alternative, simply use the same method for similar results.



Fusion has been especially formulated for candle makers who are wanting a strong scent throw or strong colours in their candles.

Fusion is a blend of soy wax with paraffin. To improve reliability for glass adhesion, we recommend you try using 10-20ml Container Maker to every kg. This wax has best results when poured between 60-70C.



Beeswax is a superb wax, straight from the hive! Simply filtered and cleaned. It is generally used as a pillar candle wax, but gorgeous in glass too. As a container wax, we would recommend the addition of either or both soy wax and/or container-maker to get the consistency you require.


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