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CDN WICK SAMPLER PACK of 50 - 14cm tall

This Sampler Pack is the perfect Candle Makers tool.

Included are 5 samples of EACH Wick and Tab Assembly size.
That's 5 of each size: CDN#6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24.

Perfect for when you have a various sized candle vessels, or for testing new waxes and fragrances.

Your friend has asked you to refill one of theirs candle jars? No worries- You'll have the right wick ready, now!

We have created the following chart for our Wicks and the melt pools that they create. Please note that differing waxes and fragrances can impact these results so it's always recommended to use it as a guide and test for yourself.

Please note: Image supplied is a product image of 1x size of wick, not the actual wick pack.

#6 -  for melt pool to 4cm
#8 - for melt pool 4.5cm
#10 - for melt pool 5cm
#12 - for melt pool 5.5cm
#14 - for melt pool 6cm
#16 - for melt pool 6.5cm
#18 - for melt pool 7cm
#20 - for melt pool 7.5cm
#22 - for melt pool 8cm
#24 - for melt pool 8.5cm




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