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True Flame Wood Wicks


Wooden wicks are used in container candles for their wide flame and their crackling sound.

True Flame wicks are another innovative option. Being a wooden wick, this style also crackles slightly when burning.

True Flame wicks are always used in conjunction with a cotton wick and tab assembly. This combination burns with a beautiful and stable circular flame. The flame stays 'true', surrounded by its wooden6 fence. This combination is powerful - any mushrooming or curling is contained within the confines of the circular wood wick, keeping the flame steady and 'true'.

We have done extensive testing and love this wicking combo. The True Flame wick is made in 1 size only, so it is the addition of the cotton assembly that will influence the melt pool diameter.

'Tube Wicks are (in our humble opinion), the most unique wicks on the market. They are made from sappy fruit trees and sourced from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified mills in the USA. Tube Wicks provide a gorgeous circular shaped flame.'

Testing has shown these to burn best when combined with a wick and tab assembly.

NB: Burns best when primed prior to use.

REMOVE the plastic outer just prior to making the candle, then slide the wooden True Flame over the Clever wick assembly. See video below.

Cut to length ie the depth of the wax in the container.

Add you wick and tab assembly according to the chart below; once the wax has begun to set, slide the round wick over the assembly.

Round wood wicks are 6mm diameter and 140mm tall.

Burn Diameter with wick and tab assembly #10: 70mm melt pool
Burn Diameter with wick and tab assembly #12: 75mm melt pool
Burn Diameter with wick and tab assembly #14: 80mm melt pool
Burn Diameter with wick and tab assembly #18: 90mm melt pool


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