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ACE+ 12mm Wood Wicks melt pool 50 - 60mm


  • ACE+ are our new generation of Wood Wicks! ACE+ have been designed to have an improved workability with Soy and Soy blend waxes. 
  • ACE+ are almost twice the thickness of our ACE Wood Wicks!
  • ACE and ACE+ Wood wicks tend to create a gentle crackling sound.
  • Their additional boost strip creates a more consistent burn
  • Each wood wick includes a metal tab for stability in the container.
  • Made in the USA
Wood Wick width: 12mm 
Burn Diameter: 50mm - 60mm (This variation is influenced by fragrance, percentage of fragrance used, colour, the ambient temperature etc). We recommend testing under your own conditions to best understand the melt pool in your candles.
Gentle crackling sound: Yes
Suitable for use: Soy and Soy blended waxes
Length 127mm

Wooden wicks are used in container candles for their wide flame and their crackling sound.

Pro tip: Light your Wood wick candle close to the wax (rather than the top of the wick) for best results. This helps your wood wick melt the wax close by and start the wicking/burning process.

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