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Fusion Soy & Paraffin Blend - Container Wax


Fusion Soy with paraffin wax for perfect candle making. 
Re-inventing para/soy! This smooth and creamy blend of waxes has been designed specifically for making container candles.
Ideal in ceramics and painted jars when a flat smooth surface is required.
If you are colouring your candles, this is the ideal product - the colour is smooth and even throughout the candle.

This Para/Soy Blend is a reliable mix, producing a wax that will allow a greater scent load, greater than 10%, best poured around 70C.

  • Fragrance load: 8% -10% (Maximum)
  • Heat wax: between 80 - 85 degrees 
  • Pour wax: between 65 - 70 degrees.
  • Melting Point: 55 degrees

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Q: I'm not overly happy with the scent throw of my candles when I light them, you can smell them when you lean over them but they don't tend to be noticeable within the room. I've read that soy wax is not the best for good scent throw and that a better throw is achieved by using a Soy/paraffin blend.

A: We love our Soy Candles but the FUSION has a better cold and hot throw.

Soy blends like FUSION is the wax type that most of the large candle manufacturer use due to the fragrance performance.

FUSION does not frost and develop a powdery look when colour is used, much brighter colours can be achieved with FUSION due to it's greater translucency .


Q: I see that you sell Fusion Soy & Paraffin blend and was wondering if you recommend I try this to improve the scent throw?

A: Yes absolutely.


Q: I see that I should still use A LITTLE 20ML container maker with this wax.

A: Some of our customers use Container Maker, and some don't it's up to you. I would suggest you do some testing and see what you like.


Q: Can you tell me, do I still add approx 50-80 ml fragrances per kg of wax?

A: I would use 80 to 100mls of fragrance to a Kg of wax.


Q: Also, if I'm using and essential oil - I bought the Love Essential Oil from you, how much of that do I use per kg?

A: Essential Oil is much more volatile and the flash point is much lower so do not exceed 40 to 60ml per Kg (much less than Fragrant Oil).


Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

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