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Sydney - Candle Making Class

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Bigger and better in 2019!

Buy 2 tickets and the second is reduced by 20% to only $103.20 - value++++

You are now making an extra soy candle, this extra size invites discussion about wick sizing. Each participant will receive a copy of our sizing chart and instructions AND a *$10 credit towards any shopping on the day!

Please note: Classes are Pre-Paid to ensure your position in class.

Classes run 2.5 hours at our air-conditioned headquarters & showroom in Arcadia, in Sydney's beautiful rural north.

Upon arrival you are welcomed with coffee, tea and biscuits - Please come a few minutes early to allow for traffic and settling in.

  • All materials used in the class are covered in your fee. You get to take home all the candles you make! Bring yourself and a smile :)


Doug & Lynne started All Australian Candle Making (AACM) in 1997 and have been at the forefront of the industry since. AACM have long been known for their thought & Industry leadership, excellence in customer service, reliability & interesting product ranges. 
Doug likes to make the classes fun- It's your weekend after all! We hope you enjoy his immense product knowledge, sprinkled with the occasional Dad Joke. 

**The class is designed to be a great way to learn how to make a variety of candle styles. We walk through how to set up your kitchen, safety and the main principles behind making the perfect candle.


  • 1x Medium Natural Soy candle in glass (Your choice of Black, white, clear or frosted!)
  • 1x large Natural Soy candle in glass (Your choice of Black, white, clear or frosted!)
  • 1 x Soy wax Tea lights
  • 1x Rolled beeswax candle
  • 1x Pillar candle using Crystal palm wax

BONUS: There’s time for shopping after! Use your $10 credit for any products.

* credit only available for shopping on the day of class.


  • Safe working procedures
  • How to choose your wicks
  • Choosing your wax and fragrance load
  • Qualities and characteristics of the wax
  • Soy tealights
  • Soy wax candles in glass - single wick jar
  • Techniques of making a pillar candle, using a single sided pyramid mould
  • Beeswax foundation sheets rolled into candles








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