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Golden Brands - GW454 - Coco Soy Container Wax


Golden Wax 454 is new to market and caters to all Candle Makers! 

The addition of Coconut oil is said to give an impressive fragrance throw and also create a wax that is:

- Easy to work with and achieve lusciously smooth tops

- Doesn't require additives 

- Less frosting occurs with 454 Coco Soy Wax than with 100% Soy wax



1. Heat to 85 degrees C

2. Add fragrance - 5-8% (50-80mls per 1 kilo of wax). Golden Brands states this wax can hold up to 10% fragrance, but we recommend for consistently great results, 5-8%.

3. Allow to cool to 75-80 degrees 

4. Pour into candle vessels.



Please refer to our wick guide here

 Please note: Personal testing must be completed to achieve optimal results.

Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

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