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June 14, 2019

Pillar candles are a great, creative way to highlight coffee and dinner tables. Scented or unscented, these Icicles Candles are always a bit of a showstopper!

What you'll need:

Wick (refer to the wick guide, match the burn diameter with the diameter of the mould. For Cyclinders, use the width measurement of about half way down.)

Fragrance - This is optional, as always! Candle fragrance or Essential oils, the choice is yours.

Mould - We have used the Premium PVC mould for the Cone Pillar, and the Premium Metal mould for the shorter pillar. in this project.

Candle Colour - optional. Mix it up like we have! pour white first, allow to set, add colour and pour again. We used the Forest Green Block Colour in this project.

double saucepan - see the choices in our equipment section

blue tack

wick bar


Set up your double saucepan, adding the wax to the inner pot. Then add your candle fragrance - 50ml-80ml per kilogram.

Once it's melted, allow it to heat up for about 5 minutes. If you have a thermometer, bring it up to 85-90C (only 80C if you are using PVC moulds).

Using liquid or block colour, check the colour if you have added any, add more if it's too pale. For two tone, pour the wax first, then add colour. Once the first pour of white wax has set on the surface, pour in the next lot of coloured wax. We place the moulds in a coffee mug, slightly tilted. We straightened it up for the second pour.



During the melt process, prepare the moulds. Be sure the wick is tight and secured at each end. The hole, which will become the top, should be covered well with blue tack. Secure at the top (which will become the base of the candle) with the wick bar.



Pour the wax to the desired level - most moulds fill to the top - make sure you have it level at this stage, it will be easy to see if it is not.



As the wax hardens, and the top forms over, break it with a skewer and refill as necessary. I like to keep these hole open, by not filling them completely each time.

Overnight it will contract a little more, and the holes will allow you to fill completely. Clip the excess wick off and then complete the pour with a new flat surface (base of candle).


Once the candle has been removed, the wick can be dipped in wax - this is 'priming' so it not only looks good but also lights more easily. Always trim to 5mm before lighting.



Once it's cool it's time to tidy the candle and enjoy!




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