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February 02, 2018

All Australian Candle Making only supplies Lead-free, quality wicks for all your candle making.

Which Wick type do I use?

Wick Types

  • Beeswax Square Cotton wick for Bees Wax use

 Australian cotton 'square' wick for more viscous beeswax candles.

  • Plaited Cotton wick for  Pillar Candles use

Made in Australia and used for pillars. Prime wick once the candle is made.

  • Wick and Tab assemblies, Ribbon Wick, Wood Wick (Duo or Ace) and True Flame Wicks forSoy Wax in containers use.

Wick Descriptions

Beeswax Square Cotton Wick:

Lead-free, cotton wick, made in Australia.

Manufactured with wick strands running through an outer stocking - allows the more viscous beeswax to 'wick' better.

Plaited Cotton Wick:

Cotton wick on a roll which is made in Australia. Used for pillars, will need priming once the candle is made

For outdoor candles use Outdoor wick which is large enough to resist breeze.

Cotton Wick and Tab assemblies:

These are ready to use, assembled waxed cotton wick attached to a stabilizer. Our larger stabilisers mean the candle burns completely to the base in containers.

Superior 100% cotton wicks - WIDER 20mm tabs for greater stability, stronger fortified vegetable wax coating.

Lead-free, wicks are ready assembled, the cotton is already primed in a mixture of non-paraffin vegetable wax with a tab at the base.

There are no tails extending from the base of the tab - they are trimmed with great accuracy.

Ribbon wick:

These are constructed from 100% natural fibres. This new generation of wick is specially engineered to bring the benefits of a wider based flame with greater consistency. In testing, we found that the weave minimises curling and mushrooming. Like wick and tab assemblies as described above these ribbon wicks are ideal for use in containers.

Ribbon Wicks come in Small, Medium and Large

Why use them?

  • Ideal alternative to timber wicks.
  • Slightly different flame shape.
  • Provide a marketing difference to your commercial candles.

 Wood wicks:

Wooden wicks are used in container candles for their strong flame and their crackling sound. They are versatile, you can use alone or as a multi-wicked candle. Cross them for a larger flame and great effect.

Wood wicks come in two types:

  • DUO which is double lamination and
  • ACE which one lamination with a and strip at the back (1 and 1/2 lamination)

Wood wicks come in 9mm, 12mm, 16mm and 20mm widths.

The previous wood wicks were primed with oil and cut from hardwood. That company sold, so we now have a softer timber that needs to be primed with your melted wax.

Wood Wick test notes: We tested all the wicks, they do get going very well once the timber is saturated with the molten wax moving freely up the grain although some may go out once in the process.

Timber is a natural product and does not wick quite as well as cotton wick, which we have been able to design and plait to the best conditions. There is nothing that can be done with the grain of timber, knots, grain diversion etc.

True flames:

Circular wood wick, always use with our CDN wick and tab assembly.  

True Flames are round wood wicks and have the combination of a Cotton Wick and Tab assembly and Timber True flame.

Cut to length, then dip in wax to prime prior to use.

Add you wick and tab assembly according to the chart below; once the wax has begun to set, remove the plastic outer and slide the round wick over the assembly.

Round wood wicks are 6mm diameter and 150mm tall.

Burn Diameter with wick and tab assembly #10:       70mm melt pool.

Burn Diameter with wick and tab assembly #16:       75mm melt pool.

Burn Diameter with wick and tab assembly #18:       80mm melt pool.

Burn Diameter with wick and tab assembly #22:       90mm melt pool.

 What wick size do I use?

Measure the diameter of your glass or pillar. This will determine the melt pool. Once you have determined the melt pool. Find the melt pool size on column 1 of the wick guide. Across of the top of the Wick Guide is the type of wick. Reference the type of wick and the Burn pool to determine your wick size recommendations

All our glasses and containers now have inside dimensions listed. Using these measurements, you can easily choose the right wick from our range.

The recommendations with each glass are based on our test burns. Due to many variations we suggest these as a guide only.

The amount of fragrance you use, the choice of wax, the ambient temperature during the burn, the hours you have your candle alight - all these will influence which wick should be used.

Please test all your candles prior to selling or making large runs.This is a guide only.



The recommendations on our site are for most common usage, rated for soy wax. If you are using patterning palm, gel or beeswax, these will need to be up-sized.




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