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Colour Chips for Candles


Colour Chips for use in candle making, sold in packs of 10 or 50 chips.

Made in America.

These chips can colour a lot of wax - simply carve off the appropriate amount. Recommended usage is below, keeping in mind the strength of colour you wish to achieve:

Paraffin: 1 chip per 500gm

Soy / Palm: 2 chips per 500gm

The colours will be stronger in paraffin, soy may have softer colour.

The colours can be mixed to increase the range.

Remember - yellow + blue = green; red + blue = purple; yellow + red = orange

We have shaved off small amounts into tubs of Aura Wax to help show the range of hues and tonal contrasts that can be created.

Also available: Liquid colour with droppers!

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