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 candle making class

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Our classes are designed to teach you the basics so you can work easily in your home.

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Classes run 2.5 hours at our headquarters & showroom in Arcadia, in Sydney's beautiful rural north.

Upon arrival you are welcomed with coffee, tea and biscuits- Please come a few minutes early to allow for traffic and settling in.

  • All materials used in the class are covered in your fee. You get to take home all the candles you make! Bring yourself and a smile :)


Doug & Lynne started All Australian Candle Making (AACM) in 1997 and have been at the forefront of the industry since. AACM have long been known for their thought & Industry leadership, excellence in customer service, reliability & interesting product ranges. 
Doug likes to make the classes fun- It's your weekend after all! We hope you enjoy his immense product knowledge, sprinkled with the odd Dad Joke. 

The class is designed to be a great way to learn how to make a variety of candle styles. We walk through how to set up your kitchen, safety and the main principles behind making the perfect candle.


  • 3x Soy wax Tea lights
  • 1x Medium Natural Soy candle in glass (Your choice of Black, white, clear or frosted!)
  • 1x Rolled beeswax candle
  • 1x Pillar candle using Crystal palm wax

BONUS: There’s time for shopping after!


  • Safe working procedures
  • How to choose your wicks
  • Choosing your wax and fragrance load
  • Qualities and characteristics of the wax
  • Soy tealights
  • Soy wax candles in glass - single wick jar
  • Techniques of making a pillar candle, using a single sided pyramid mould
  • Beeswax foundation sheets rolled into candles

Our full range of candle making supplies are available on the day, full EFT facilities are available. We look forward to meeting you soon!

Feel free to contact us for any further information 02 9653 3600  or


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