Open Days

Showroom open hours for shopping: business hours Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm (see special closures below). 

WEEKEND OPEN for in-store shopping:  10-11.30am Saturday 16th December 2017                                                                                            

SHOWROOM ADDRESS:  3 Geelans Rd, Arcadia 2159

SPECIAL XMAS CLOSURE: Closed from 4pm Wednesday 20th December 2017 until 8th January 2018.

Website remains open for business 24/7



Monday to Friday 9am - 4pm - except public holidays

If you wish to order on-line before these Open dates, be sure to choose the 'pick-up in Arcadia' option. We can have your order ready - then you can add to it when your arrive!! This makes the process easier and faster for you.

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