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$8.50 AUD

Easter Soap Kit - choice of mould
from $32.00 AUD

Versatile soap kit with melt and pour soap. Kit includes: 1kg white melt and pour soap 1 mould - choice of PVC or Siliconl 1 piece purple colour 10ml lavender essential oil

Easter Silicon Soap Mould - 8 cavities
$12.50 AUD

Cute little soaps - 8 per mould. 25gm each, 45mm x 45mm at the widest.

Easter Egg - premium range PVC Candle Mould
$16.50 AUD

These high quality PVC moulds fit together so there is only a hairline seam. Try large 21 ply wick. Finished candle 9cm tall, 6.3cm diameter at the widest part.

Soy 'Easter Melts' Kit
from $28.45 AUD

A magic way to fragrance your home. Melts are simply a fragrant wax, moulded small enough to fit easily into the dish over a tea light - oil burner. In this kit we give you the wax and fragrance: melt...


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