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RUNOUT - Soy Wax & Bees Wax Container Blend B808

RUNOUT - Soy and Beeswax Blend B808 Candle Making Wax for Containers

We have decided to discontinue this product (S100, A16, A27 + B808). Please contact us to discuss other quality replacements.  We stock a number of brands and varieties of wax and will be delighted to discuss which may suit you best depending on your individual requirements.

Fragrance load: 8 - 10% (Maximum) this depends on the potency of the fragrance so testing is required.

Heat wax : between 70 - 80 degrees 

Heating above 85°C for too long may cause the wax to discolour.

Prolonged heating about 85°C can cause discolouration.

Pour wax: between 55 - 65 degrees.

Please note these figures are a recommendation and not instructions.


Melt Point: Peak melting temperature 48.06°C
Congealing Point: Congealing temperature 41.3°C
Contents: Ethically sourced beeswax delicately blended with premium quality hydrogenated soybean oil.


We suggest you take care preparing the pouring conditions of your candles and to always run a test in those conditions before mass producing any of your candle ranges.