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Ribbon Wick Large - 14cm tall

**Limited to 500 Ribbon wicks per order/customer.**


*Unfortunately these wicks are no longer being manufactured. While we are keen to have them made in the future, we wish to advise there is currently a limited amount of stock left.*

These are constructed from 100% natural fibres. This new generation of wick is specially engineered to bring the benefits of a wider based flame with greater consistency. 

There are no tails extending from the base of the tab - they are trimmed with great accuracy.
In testing, we found that this weave minimises curling and mushrooming.
Ribbon Wicks are a great option when you want the edgy look, they combine the wide flame of a wood wick, with the reliability of woven cotton.
Conveniently sized as small, medium or large in 7, 8 or 9 cm diameter containers.