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Pregnant Body silicon candle mould

The candle everyone is obsessed with!

Great with beeswax, good with Aura (for plain white or when using a colour), Feather or Icicles Wax. We used Aura Wax and Block Beeswax in this image.

The finished candle is 9.5cm tall.

We have used our 4ply or 6 ply wick as this candle has a very small diameter. Try 15ply in beeswax.

Candle weight 70gm.

Achieve exceptional results with Aura Palm wax by adding 1% Finishing Beads (10gm finishing beads to 1kg Aura). 

You will require wicking needles

You may like to use our Wick Bar to secure the wick. 

How to use:

With a good pair of kitchen scissors, gently cut down the side seam (on the seam, not next to the seam). Wrap with masking tape or rubber bands to hold back together. Silicon is a fabulous material to use. It's easy! 


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