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Pillar Candle Kit - Aura Pillar Wax

Create your own moulded pillar candle with CandleMaking's Exclusive Aura Pillar Wax. 

This kit makes a picture perfect pillar candle. We provide a modern classic mould and all the materials you need.

Yield: 7+

- PVC mould 
- 1kg Aura Pillar Wax 
- Cotton ply wick
- Instructions

Videos are available free and on-line here.

Instructions will arrive in your box, and are also available here.

Want colour? Choose them here! We have a huge selection to browse.

Fragrance: We have over 150 fragrances just waiting to be enjoyed! We recommend 30-55ml per kilo of Pillar wax, but you can load as high as 10%. 

 First time candle makerAdd an equipment kit!