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Kerax-AACM 100% Pure Soy CB - for perfect pours.

AMAZING Kerax Pure Soy Container Wax now available.

Kerax-AACM Soy CB wax now in easy 20kg boxes!

Due to demand over the pandemic, this wax has had record sales and stock is limited to TWO boxes per customer order, or a total of 40kg per customer order.

Lovers of NGI advanced get excited- our new and exclusive all round natural soy wax for containers is here.

After a period of research and development with our wax manufacturing partner Kerax we have developed a sophisticated wax that meets and now exceeds the performance of previously manufactured market leading product known as NGI Advanced wax. 

This new wax in testing exhibits the characteristics of:

  • PERFECT SINGLE POUR at 70C (without the need for heat gun refinishing)
  • Fragrance load: recommend between 60ml - 100mls per kilo
  • EXCELLENT, clean fragrance throw (Hot and Cold)
  • Kerax-AACM Soy CB wax has excellent cold and hot fragrance throw.
  • the wax adheres to the glass without additives. In Winter, you may still like to add 2-3% Container Maker.
  • It burns cleanly. After burning the wax resets to a smooth, PERFECT finish.
  • Professional candle makers will delight in the flexibility and ease of manufacturing.
  • please check your wick size, may need 1 size up from our usual recommendations
  • full box size now 25kg, so please take this into account when comparing to the old 20.4kg price of Advanced.



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