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Huge Soy Candle Making Kit

Classy glass for making gorgeous soy candles!

This kit is one for serious play with 5kg premium soy wax flakes. We've included everything you need to fill these gorgeous jars.

Alongside our superb container soy wax, there are 3 different jars from the metro range, in a mixture of clear and frosted.

When you have wax melting, always make some tea-lights, so there's some of those too.

There are colours and wicks, as well as 5 of our best selling fragrances

The blue section of the thermometer will help you pour it at just the right temperature for good glass adhesion and a nice flat surface.

Instructions are included in the kit, along with a free support video on-line.

The inclusions and photos below...

  • 5kg pure soy wax flakes (for containers),
  • 20 tea light cups,
  • 20 tea light wicks,
  • 5 x 55ml fragrances,
  • 3 colours,
  • thermometer,
  • 2 jars in 3 different sizes - clear
  • 3 sizes of wick and tab assemblies (20 each of #8, #16, #22).
  • a small measure
  • 250ml container maker