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Gem silicon candle mould - B - 82gm

Quality modern silicon candle mould for greater accuracy.

Great in pure beeswax

Candle size is 4.3cm x 5.5cm x 6.5cm tall.

Candle weight 82gm.

Use XX-SMALL SQUARE wick as this candle has a very small diameter.

1) We used Icicles Palm wax with Brown liquid colourfor candles,

2) We left white using Aura Palm wax with 1 drop of purple liquid colour added once it has started to set.

Wicking needles: https://candlemaking.com.au/collections/candle-making-equipment/products/long-needles-for-wicking-candle-moulds 

How to Wick a Silicon Mould: https://candlemaking.com.au/blogs/videos-fact-sheets/silicon-candle-moulds