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10L Wax Melter (7kg) with thermometer and pot


10L Wax Melter (7kg) with Thermometer and Pouring Pot

This melting pot has a capacity of 7kg wax (though is rated as a volume 10L).
1000ml+ water is added to the outer pot, then the included stainless steel wax melter insert sits in that. (add enough water so the pot just begins to float with wax)
**Great for all waxes melting under 100C, but not gel (needs 140C)

- Working on multiple batches? You can purchase additional melt pot inserts here.

This forms your double saucepan, keeping you safe, your wax can never go beyond the boiling temperature of water, 100C.
**NB there is no tap on this melter, you need to use a small pouring pot to decant.
Choosing a thermometer to sit in the wax, you can learn what setting you prefer as your pour temperature.

**The dial is numbered 1-10 which heats the water in the unit, that the wax insert sits in.. We recommend no matter how you heat your wax, to use a thermometer to ensure the correct temperature of the wax. Heating wax over water is the best for the product and the safest for the user. 

We have been selling products for candle making for over 24 years and are offering this as an effective and affordable way to start making bigger batches of candles. 

Featuring a stainless steel lid for easy access, you can regulate temperature through the front mounted dial to keep your batches exactly how you want them.
Finished in an attractive universal black, this appliance and its lightweight portability makes it useful no matter where you choose to make your candles.

"I love these wax melters. When I do classes in Melbourne, that's what I use. They are portable, fast to melt, neat and have a good capacity.
The water is only around 1 litre, so the wax will begin to heat as soon as the water is hot. It forms a thin sheet around the wax pot, if you have the right amount the pot won't bounce - it should just sit a few millimetres above the rim.
Once the water boils, it can be turned down to a low simmer." Lynne

Product features
Capacity 10Ltr
INSIDE Dimensions 250MM H X 215MM W; OUTSIDE 360(H) x 345(Ø)mm
Finish - external Black finish
Power Type 400W, 220 - 240 V, 2 amp, single phase
Temperature Range 35°C to 98°C
Voltage 230V
Warranty 1 Year
Weight 4.3kg
Hinged lid for easy serving
Wet heat only operation
Variable simmerstat
Plug fitted
Maximum temperature: 98°C.

*Please note that this melter does not come with a tap. We use a smaller pouring jug to "ladle" out the wax. Pouring jugs are available in this kit and our equipment section. 

*This appliance is suitable for safely melting wax. The "Double boil" method is the safest and most gentle way of treating candle waxes. Other applications where there is no water means that your wax is sitting directly on the heat source and at a real risk of hot spots and igniting.