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100% Pure Coconut Oil for candles or soap (used as an Additive)


100% Pure Coconut Oil for candle or soap making, as an additive.

Hey there! Are you interested in creating your own special blend of Coco/Soy wax? Great idea. It's perfect for increasing the shelf life of your Soy wax candle, as well as softening the wax to help with adhesion (wonderful during the cooler months). Some even believe it increase cold/hot throw but that's for you to experiment with. We have written an easy to follow "how to" here! - 


This is a soft white wax with a low melt point.

It offers a soft addition to massage candles; also used for making soap.

Improves adhesion for container candles! 

On warm days it will be liquid on cool days 'solid' as the melt temperature is 22–25 °C.

Please note: Since October 2020 we have experienced a steady increase in the cost of Soy and Coconut oil products. Both Container Maker and Coconut oil have seen an increase of up to 50%. 

Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

Click link: MSDS Coconut Oil Wax




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