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Beeswax Candle Making Kit - 12 purple/pink/calico sheets

Perfect for Mother's day, bonbonieres and children's activities.

Pure beeswax sheets in beautiful colours, all in one kit.

This kit includes 3 colours - 4 purple, 4 pink and 4 calico - so that candles can be made of mixtures or plain. The wick simply gets rolled inside the beeswax, as it becomes the centre of the candle. For a thicker candle, simply roll another length.

The beeswax is collected from hives and made into sheets sized to fit back into beehives (thus the name foundation). Lucky for candle makers it is now coloured too!

The kit includes

12 pieces of pure beeswax sheets cut to 20 x 14cm - 3 colours - 4 purple, 4 pink and 4 calico

5 metres of wick.

Instructions included in kit with free video online