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Soy Candle Making Kit -12 votive glasses

A candle making kit with soy wax, in simple glass jars. 

Our soy candle wax has a delightful creamy look. Pouring into glass makes a perfect candle, and it's also a simple method for beginners. The soy wax needs only a single pour, the surface should remain fairly flat and look very professional.

There is an on-line video to help you prepare.

This kit provides enough soy wax and material to pour 12 glasses.


- 12 glasses
- 1kg soy wax
- 20 wick assemblies
- 55ml candle fragrance
- Wick stickers
- Warning Labels
- Instructions

Videos are available free and on-line here.

Instructions will arrive in your box, and are also available here.

First time candle maker? Add an equipment kit!